SME funds
Africa Trust Capital Limited

At Africa Trust Capital we recognize that SMEs are the big drivers of economic growth, innovation, regional development and job creation. A strong and vibrant SME sector provides a strong foundation to increase standards of living and to reduce poverty. We invest in small and growing businesses that have the ability to scale up and be sustainable as well as create positive impact in the communities in which they operate.

Synchrony Venture Fund is a GHS 10 million ($2.5M) Venture Capital fund managed by Africa Trust Capital. The fund provides Venture debt, convertible debt and mezzanine financing to growth companies in Ghana. See our investment criteria below:

1. Business Profile

We invest in businesses in the financial services, logistics, manufacturing, technology and energy industries. Other industries may be considered on a case by case basis.

2. Investment Size

We invest between GHC 100K – GHC 1.0 M in the business, preferably as debt, quasi-debt and other self-liquidating instruments (revenue based loans, royalties financing, revenue sharing, mezzanine financing)

3. Duration of funding

Typically, 1 - 4 years. Debt repayment terms must be aligned with the purpose of the loan

4. Management Profile

Our funds invests in SME’s with quality management who have the requisite skills and experience in managing the business– from operations, sales, financial management, administration, and leadership.

5. Security Requirements

The fund has arrangements with other guarantee funds in the sub region which provides credit guarantees for SME’s without adequate collateral for funding. Quality of collateral does play an important part in the overall risk assessment.